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  • Clean Water

    Clean Water

    Clean Water, Projects

    More than one billion people on the face of our planet do not have access to clean, safe drinking water....

  • Nursery Education

    Nursery Education

    Nursery Education, Projects

    Here’s a statistic to make you want to scream, cry and batter something inanimate. Or a world leader. If a...

  • Primary School Education

    Primary School Education

    Primary School Education, Projects

    ‘The ONLY weapon that we have against poverty………… education’ – Nelson Mandela Before our God, the God who loves the...

  • Gender Equality

    Gender Equality

    Gender Equality, Projects

    Women are second best in much of Uganda. Despite doing nearly all of the childcare, farming, cooking, caring and domestic...

  • Medical Care

    Medical Care

    Medical Care, Projects

    Geoffrey Byaruhanga was 42 years old when I watched him die. He left behind two wives and seven children –...

  • The Hospital In The Hills

    The Hospital In The Hills

    Projects, The Hospital in the Hills

    Can you imagine living your whole life in a small rural community………..and then leaving it, for the FIRST time, when...

  • Child Sponsorship

    Child Sponsorship

    Child Sponsorship, Projects

    We are in no doubt that children have a special place in God’s heart. For too long in the developing...

  • Passion For Jesus

    Passion For Jesus

    Passion Fruit Project, Projects

    We clearly see God’s vision for the people that he loves here in Uganda – health, education, sanitation and a...