Moreen and her Mum Patience - making me proud of God

I’ve been dashing around the UK trying to earn the money to pay for the ‘Hospital in the Hills’, sorting out sponsorship for our children in the J10:10 house (still 6 left to find sponsors for) and working on budgets with Arkaline for J10:10’s work over the coming months. Oh….and giving an interview to Christianity Magazine. They must be hard pushed for copy this month. It’s all necessary, important, fruitful and worthwhile. But I don’t feel particularly proud of it.

Nope…..I feel proud that God has used us this week to bring hope to the hopeless, comfort to the heart-broken and healing to the sick. If you read what I wrote about Moreen a few days ago then you’ll know that I made a decision that we would get involved whilst writing that blog. So, as soon as I finished I sent this message to Spencer in Uganda

Hey Spencer. You can tell Patience that our God does answer prayer! I have decided tonight that J10:10 will meet all the costs for Moreen’s operation. I will be back in Kabale around 10th May and we will sort it out from there. God bless you. Jon

To which I received the following reply……..

OUR GOD IS SO GREAT! J10:10-UGANDA GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH….FOR what you have decided to  do-helping Moreen get operated! how amazing is that? we have to live by God’s word….oh i cant express the happiness for having been answered by God himself on Moreen’s issue!

…..from a very excited Ugandan pastor!

I love what God does through us. I love who he is. I love that this ministry is real. And I love that, just like Jesus, it meets poor people with no hope at their point of need. Alleluia…..enjoy the weekend.