I am back in Uganda for the first time in 5 months. I have missed Uganda so much – but making money in Europe to sustain what we do here was, and remains, essential.

Stephanie, one of our child sponsors from the UK, is in Uganda for the first time ever. She is seeing all that God has done and is doing here for the first time. I am seeing it afresh. There’s a synergy there! And as I spend time visiting the nursery school, primary school, water tanks, medical centre, hospital in the hills and maternity unit, I am awed all over again by what God has done here through us.

I spend so much time beating myself up about the mistakes that I’ve made. The biggest single failure (in hope and financial terms) has been our passion fruit farming business that promised much but delivered little. It’s clear that passion fruit farming is NOT going to be our financial saviour!

It is also clear that what we have managed to do here is changing lives. Whether it is the new lives of the 32 babies safely delivered in the maternity unit so far in 2016, the lives of the 3,000 people treated this year in the medical centre, the lives and futures of the 285 children at our nursery and primary school in Kigazi Village or of the 55 children we are educating in Kabale. None of these lives will ever be quite be the same again because of what God has done through J1010, its sponsors, supporters, prayer warriors and staff.IMG_20160331_123204IMG_20160331_103412

And Sonia and Stidia’s lives will never be the same either. Because not only have they got places at a primary school in town; not only are they now more educated than any of their ancestors; not only do they have a sponsor in the UK that they write to and who prays for them and helps meet some of their school fees……but this week they got to meet her, hug her, thank her and talk to her because she travelled all the way to Uganda to meet them.. And today THEIR sponsor taught in Sunday School. THANK YOU STEPHANIE!!!!
A good week. A great God. And a glorious future for these children.