After an amazing, joyful, blessed and brilliant two weeks in Europe with my wife……we will be travelling home to Uganda in 48 hours time. As usual…….I can’t wait.

Because in the broadest sense the work that J10:10 does in Uganda is health, education, poverty alleviation and sanitation projects. But in reality, to us and to God, it is Michelle; Sandra and Timothy; all of our workers in the orchards and their families; Brian, Akampurira, Liberty, Cathleen and Alex from Kahama; Denis, Stidia, Cleophas, and their Grandmother from Kitumba; all 58 children at boarding school in Kabale; and all 200 children and their teachers at the J10:10 Kigazi Community Nursery.

Just like God (in this instance anyway!) we are not enthused or motivated by projects, plans or targets. It is not the buildings or the project deliverables that make me want to leave the ease, luxury and cleanliness of Europe for the endless difficulties, dirt and challenges of rural Uganda. It is the people. The precious, beloved, wonderful people that we are blessed to work for and with. Thank you Lord. Please pray that:

– We will travel safely
– We will hear God’s voice in all the decisions that we have to make on a daily basis
– That God will continue to bless the work of our hands – and that it will be HIS work not ours
– That His healing of the sick and damaged people that are entrusted to us will continue to amaze us
– That we will be brave, and strong, and do the work.

Thank you!