‘Oh my words could not tell, not even in part, of the debt of love that is owed by this thankful heart.’

A line song written and performed by Matt Redman – you can listen and watch it here .

And the theme of this week’s blog and prayer request is actually very simple. I just want to say ‘THANK YOU LORD.’ Loudly, unashamedly and joyfully. Because whilst my life is still bloody hard; it is better, more meaningful, more joyful and more important than I ever dreamed it could be. And for one reason – Jesus Christ. The man who died for me and the God who didn’t give up on me.

On Saturday I gave new shoes (Clarks – only the best for God’s kids!) to Akampurira. The world said he would NEVER stand, let alone walk. There are BEFORE God and AFTER God pictures below…….

Akampurira - lame and untreated







On Monday it was eleven years since my last alcoholic drink. After more than 15 years drunk, and after 3 mad weeks of celebrating becoming a Christian – on one of the least suitable and most epic drinking sessions ever – I realised that I personally couldn’t drink alcohol and follow Jesus. Largely because drinking oneself into oblivion before fighting anyone that crossed my path probably wasn’t the way of the cross. And so I prayed, actually I begged, God to heal me of my alcoholism…….and He did. No detox, no rehab, no counselling, just Jesus. And no booze at all for 11 years. A miracle comparable to anything I read in the bible. Thank you Lord.

Twelve years ago I was responsible, barely, only for myself. My relationships were all broken, my life was wildly successful financially, and completely broken emotionally and spiritually. I mattered to no-one except myself. Today, I am poorer than I have been financially for 25 years – and richer than I ever imagined. In God’s strength, I am responsible for the education of more than 250 children, the welfare of more than 70 families, the health care of more than 9,000 people each year and the safe delivery of nearly 100 babies every 12 months.

And I am married to a woman so perfect for me that it takes my breath away. And through whom God is continuing to change and improve me.


And so this week, I just ask you to give thanks with me to a God that never stops giving back:

  • Thank you Lord for all that you have done in and through all of our lives
  • Thank you Lord for all that you are doing in and through all of our lives
  • Thank you Lord for all that you will do in and through all of our lives

And thank YOU for your prayers and support.