I am now in the UK/Europe for two and a bit weeks of paid work. …….which will provide some much needed cash to support our many projects in Uganda. God always provides. And whilst I am struggling with tiredness, jet-lag and middle-age (!) – I am VERY grateful.

I am also amazingly and overwhelmingly grateful for the honour of caring for the particularly deprived and vulnerable that God has sent us. That’s Stidia, Dennis, Cleophas and their Grandmother from Kitumba; Cathleen, Alex, Liberty, Akampurira and Brian from Kahama; Ivan from Kampala; Amulle from Lira; Sandra and Timothy from Kabale; a number of the J10:10 kids from Kigazi; and our very own Michelle who appears to have come directly from heaven!


All of these individuals would be in deep, perhaps terminal, trouble if God was not caring for them through us. It is an awesome responsibility and an absolute joy to be there life-line. Literally.

Whenever my faith wobbles I remind myself who my God is – and what matters to Him. And the ferocity, depth and quality of His love for children – especially poor, neglected, abandoned and unloved children – gives me absolute confidence that He will continue to provide for us and for them. Thank you Lord Jesus.










One of the last things that I did before leaving Uganda was to be with Michelle and Patricia, her main carer, at CoRSU Hospital in Kampala. Michelle had an operation to improve her mobility and balance. She was brilliant, as ever, and delighted everyone who met her. The surgeons did the scheduled work – a tendonectomy to give her greater leg movement and balance – and putting her femur back into the hip socket. They also did some extra work to straighten her fairly mis-formed ankles: all a consequence of the horrendous neglect that she suffered before we helped to rescue her.

The operation went well, she is now in a fairly impressive plaster cast – and she is going home to Kabale in a taxi tomorrow. Alleluia! She seemed fascinated and pleased with her new straight, very white legs!


And so please pray:

  • That Michelle will make a full recovery and that her quality of life will be dramatically improved. She deserves it!
  • That her journey to Kabale, and then back to Kampala on 9th March for assessment will be easy
  • For Patricia as she cares for Michelle
  • And, as long as you’ve done the first three, for me in UK and Spain: that I will do God’s work God’s way
  • And that I will keep on praising Him for what He has done – and trusting Him for what He will do