DSCN5889DSCN5874DSCN5875DSCN5877DSCN5888DSCN5881DSCN5901DSCN5910DSCN5918DSCN5922DSCN5923I am so flipping busy that I can barely breathe…….looking forward to Christmas and a rest! Every day there are things that I want to share with J10:10’s supporters – but I just don’t have the time. PLEASE forgive me…….

But Friday was a day that I HAVE to share with you photographically. We have reached the end of another academic year – the third full year of educating graduates from the J10:10’s Kigazi Community Nursery at Primary School in town. And this year we have also taken the children that we rescued from Kahama into education……….and on Friday three children graduated from Top Class in Nursery, and all the children were promoted to the next year of Primary School.

The point is this. It doesn’t matter if you are a proud, watching parent, a middle-aged Englishman, a Kigazi kid, or a child that 9 months ago was close to starvation in a house that was on the point of collapse………..none of us could have imagined four years ago that any of this was possible. These children were condemned from birth to academic and career failure, material poverty, marriage by 16, malnutrition, and a total poverty of aspiration. BUT GOD……….

We’ll get the school reports next week. They will be excellent in nearly every case. And none of this could have happened without God. I am so, so, so grateful to sponsors, staff, the children themselves and to Jesus who has led us through every step of this incredible journey.

Big changes and continued improvements are on the horizon. Please pray for us to listen, hear and obey God as we try to make this educational ministry more effective. And for us all to see God glorified in children’s lives year after year after year…..