And what a trio they are!

I have said before that true happiness only comes from being in the place that God created you to be. And I have said before that, for me, that place is Uganda. And specifically Kabale, Kigazi and Bigungiro. Although this was a very short trip to UK (I was away for less than 10 days) it doesn’t make the return any less wonderful. Or the sense of returning home any less vivid.

After working like a dog in the UK, I struggled through the airport with two very full suitcases and Michelle’s wheelchair, paid an excess baggage bill of £430, prayed like a madman for no lost luggage, and after a 26 hour journey arrived back in Kabale yesterday lunchtime. Despite being exhausted I couldn’t wait to show my wife Hildah her new Baileys Liqueur collection (!), give Michelle her bibs and beaker, and sit her in the wheelchair for the first time. We still need to get it set up properly……but she looked pleased. God’s perfect provision for a very, very precious child of His.

The joy of being re-united with my wife was compounded by a wonderful return with her to the orchards today, getting stuck in to some REAL work in Orchard Four, and a harvest of just over 1,500 kilos. Followed by the surreal sight of queues of people waiting for our harvest outside the Passion4Africa shop in Kabale. A tonne and a half sold in an hour.

I have a sense of complete peace about the growth of both of our business and our charitable operations. Because as I heard a worship band sing today – ‘And if our God is with us, then who could ever stop us; and if our God is with us then what can stand against us?’

And God IS with us. Every step of the way. We are so blessed. And so excited about the future that God has planned for us. And for Michelle. And for all those He is blessing through J10:10. Alle-flipping-luia. Thank you Lord. You’re amazing.