I miss my wife. I also miss Uganda and all that we do there. I’m in the UK for a frantic week of………..business meetings; catching up with friends, family and children; collecting money owed to me; gratefully receiving donations; transporting wonderful Michelle’s new wheelchair back to Uganda; delivering a training course (paid work); starting the process of getting import approval for our passion fruit; and marvelling at what God has done (again).

He never fails us. I bought Michelle’s wheelchair with unbudgeted money. Because I knew God wanted her to have it. And God’s people in Wigan and Leyland delivered an amount of cash that I had no right to expect. Thank you. Because of your generosity we have the money to build a kitchen for relatives of patients at ‘The Hospital in the Hills, to plant a vegetable garden to improve the diet of the children at our nursery, to pay for the wheelchair and even to pay for the large excess baggage bill – see below!

I have had the privilege of thanking St Mark’s church in Pemberton, Wigan for an amazing harvest donation of over £1,300. I have collected a cheque for £500 and £160 in cash from 3D marketing of Leyland, and I have the wheelchair which will make Michelle shriek with excitement – and that will improve her posture and her quality of life. I also now have the worry of how the hell I get it onto a plane without sending it as cargo or paying a huge amount of money for my excess baggage. The excess baggage problem has been wonderfully compounded by Christmas gifts from sponsors of our J10:10 children and a ludicrous amount of second hand children’s clothing from our friends in Leyland.

This morning, in a fiendishly clever move (!!??), I decided to solve the problem of the clothes I can’t fit into my suitcases by stuffing them into the very large box that holds Michelle’s wheelchair. As I stood in my hotel car park labouring to force the clothes into said box I turned and looked up. And waited for the police to arrive. Because I recognised that anyone looking out of the windows of the Hampton Hotel at Liverpool Airport would have seen a middle-aged man, hair unwashed and stuck on end after a night worrying about maximum box weight, frantically transferring handfuls of girls knickers into a suspiciously large box. Even worse, as concerned citizen looks out at this from his/her hotel room, manic-looking middle-aged man realises what a suspicious/ridiculous/disturbing/criminal/lunatic sight he must be presenting……….and begins laughing hysterically at the depths he has sunk to in his attempt to serve Jesus, Michelle and various poor children in Uganda.

I went back to my room, still giggling strangely to myself, and waited for a SWAT team to put the door through. Obviously (very obviously) the police are busy on Merseyside because I made my escape. And went on my way dreading being stopped on the M62 to Bradford and a copper asking me politely what was in the box. God’s protection as well as God’s provision!

You can see from the photos that I took (still laughing) the size of the box, the suitcases and the number of rooms that had a view of my insanity and that once housed reputable guests but now contain slobbering, twitching, highly disturbed fruitcakes.

Your prayers that the box doesn’t weigh more than 32kg and that I get everything safely back to Uganda are needed. And you know what. If Michelle’s life is improved? If the children who get the clothes are happy? If the kids that are so generously sponsored by friends in the UK feel special and loved when they get their gifts?

Then I’ll look a bloody fool for Jesus every single day for the rest of my life. No problem there. Thank you Lord.