……wrote Shakespeare. Not sure about that. Parting from my wife and our work here in Uganda (even though it’s only for 10 days) is only made tolerable by the fact that I will be back here in a week and a half. Otherwise there would not be a single redeeming feature!

We have come to the end of an enjoyable and rewarding visit by one of our ex-trustees and biggest supporters – Becky Verallo. Even better she brought her son Jack and husband Gary. Even better than that – she took little Michelle, our precious responsibility, swimming for the first time. And Michelle loved it – which means that it will become part of our weekend rituals with her.

Becky and family have seen the wonderful and amazing things that God is doing here in Uganda. From the J1010 Nursery and medical facilities in Kigazi village; through the chaos, love and growth at the ‘Talent and Presentation Day’ at the J10:10 childrens’ house in Kabale; to the community transformation that is a consequence of our work in the Passion4Africa orchards in Bigungiro. And what they saw is good – many expressions of love, healing and hope made possible by the miracles that God is doing through broken tools (us) here in Uganda.

And so I will travel with them to Kampala today – and then on to the UK where I will generate some more cash for our work, see my fantastic children, and collect Michelle’s wheelchair. YAY!!!

And I will be back here in just a few days time – the place where God wants me to be. I once read that the definition of happiness is being in God’s will. Thank you so much for getting me here Lord Jesus.