‘…….you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’

I don’t spend enough time at the J10:10 House, the place where our 57 graduates from the J10:10 Kigazi Community Nursery stay, and from where they attend Primary School. I’d like to but I simply don’t have the time – between Kigazi, Passion4Africa and all the other stuff we do I am stretched WAY too thin.

My time at the J10:10 House has been limited to a couple of hours on a Saturday morning. The children are around then and that is the time when I meet with them and the excellent staff at the home. But it’s not enough and i know it. Once Christ Central School is constructed and open (January  2016 please Lord!) I’ll be living in the same place as all our kids so it will be different. But I have resolved to do more in the meantime and so, for the first time yesterday, I attended the Friday night fellowship that the staff and children have arranged and that takes place every week.

It had been a tough week. The death of a friend and colleague, the slow departure of man-flu (!), a schedule that is probably too hectic for a man nearer 50 than 40, and a lot of big decisions coming up in terms of the farming business and the huge construction project that is Christ Central School.

And, of course, this fellowship with the J10:10 team and the 57 young disciples of Jesus was the perfect antidote.

They sang, they danced, they prayed, they learned and they grew in their relationship with Jesus. And it was water for my soul. Thank you Lord. Thank you children. I will be preaching/teaching at next week’s fellowship. Ironic really – because I will learn more from them than they will from me.

Precious Lord Jesus, make me child-like in my wonder at your love, in my awe at your power, in my obedience to your commands, in my trust in you. That I might be like one of these small children and place my hand firmly in yours as you lead me on this walk with You. Amen.