It was a very special day for Sonia. Not because it was her birthday. Not because she got new clothes. Not because she and her friends in the J10:10 House ate sweets and played ball……….

But because someone she has never met faithfully remembers her birthday every year and writes a note to her. Because for at least one day each year, Sonia feels like she is the most important person in the world. And that, for a child in Uganda, is a momentous event. And exactly how our Father God wants His children to feel as they bask in His love.

Sonia’s sponsor always sends a card, always sends money for some small gifts and always reminds me (!!) that we have a birthday coming up. Her faithfulness is one of the very few ‘constants’ in Sonia’s life. Sonia didn’t know that it was her birthday because birthdays here aren’t celebrated. Children here aren’t celebrated except at their birth and their marriage. And that makes her day even more special.

The ‘must do better’ in the title of this blog is aimed entirely at myself. I am painfully aware that the children that we have sponsores for (27 out of 57 in the J10:10 House) don’t interact with their sponsors in the way that I want them to. And so, this term, we are starting to put a structure in place which means that each sponsor will get a photograph and letter from the child they help to educate and love four times a year. The children are very excited about doing this – it’s my poor prioritisation that has delayed it. MUST do better.

But for now we can all enjoy the photographs of Sonia feeling like the centre of the universe for a day. She showed off her new clothes, gave candy to her friends…..and was prayed for by the people that she shares her life with.

Happy Birthday Sonia. Thank you faithful sponsor. Thank you Lord.