As in the UK, today is back to school day. For Ugandan children this is the first day of the last term of the school year. For some of our children at the J10:10 Nursery in Kigazi Village it will mark their last 10-12 weeks in Nursery School, for all of our children in the J10:10 House it should be their last term in their respective years/classes……..and for all of the J10:10 staff it marks another return to the controlled chaos that is the education of 190 Nursery School children in the village, and the education, care, mentoring, feeding, washing and spiritual development of the 58 children in the J10:10 House here in town in Kabale.

I hate it when Christians paint a rosy picture of the work that God asks us to do. It’s generally not easy – it can be frustrating, depressing, annoying and demotivating. As our precious charges returned to the J10:10 House on Saturday and Sunday very few of them came bearing either the very small financial contribution that we ask the parents to make to their care – or the basics that the parents know that their children need to attend school. Like flipping shoes. AAAAGGGHHHH!

There was a time when I would have got angry about that. Now I just get sad. For the children not for my bank balance. And because Jesus loves these poor, loving, lovely children with a passion – we will be His hands and His feet and get ourselves to the market to buy shoes and clothes so that the children that He has entrusted to us won’t be ashamed or have their education compromised through embarassment or discomfort. We will, however, be forced to send home children whose parents are able to pay the small contribution that we ask but choose not to.

May God forgive me but there are many times each week when I could cheerfully slap/punch/kick some of the adult Ugandans that I am forced to deal with. But there is never a time when I feel anything other than hope, love, delight and optimism for the children that we work with and for in this desperately poor country.

I believe that nothing is impossible for God – and when I arrived at the J10:10 House at 7.30am this morning to check on progress……………the sight of our kids ready to head off for an education that none of them ever dreamed they would have access to reaffirms my faith in Him: Jesus. the God that particularly and passionately loves children.

I am so proud of what He has done through us.