It seems to have been FOREVER in the coming – but in 10 days time the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ will open for patients under the management of J10:10 Uganda. And God’s people will benefit from massively enhanced facilities, really brilliant maternity services, and a new management team (us) that will lift standards massively. All in Jesus’s name.

God is good.

After a construction project that took 12 months there followed a ludicrous and frustrating delay of another 12 months to get the management contract signed. At which point the District Health Officer confessed that he had no money in his budget to provide the equipment that would be required to open the maternity unit.

So God provided it instead via two unsolicited and very generous donations to J10:10. And so earlier this week Michael, J10:10’s General Manager in charge of Health, travelled to Kampala. He bought the equipment that we needed and by Saturday night it will all be in situ.

Today we delivered the first load of kit, mattresses and beds, and then we held a community meeting to tell the villagers of Kigazi what God has done, is doing, and will do for them. It was amazingly well attended, very constructive and wonderfully encouraging. Sandwiched between prayer was real excitement, gratitude (to God I hope!), and a sense that the poor rural villagers of Kigazi and the surrounding area will finally get the loving care that they deserve.

We also tested the water pumps, tank and plumbing for the first time today. It worked. So we have water, solar power, staff, beds, mattresses, trolleys, examination couches, blood pressure machines, baby-weighing scales, haemaglobin somethings (!)………. and a community that believes in us and what God is doing through us.

Exciting times ahead – we open on Monday 1st September: PLEASE keep us in your prayers. Thank you.