Today was a very special day.

For me – I had been looking forward to it for ages(!); for our children from Kahama who were visiting their parents for the first time since they moved into the J10:10 House; and for Charles and Constance their parents. It was also an opportunity for Denis and Cleophas from Kitumba to visit their Grandmother. I had made the decision that these five most vulnerable of our children in the J10:10 House (Kathleen, Liberty, Akampurira, Denis and Cleophas) would stay in the House with us throughout this summer school-holiday because they have made very substantial gains and I don’t want them to regress at this stage. For the record, all five children were ecstatic not to be going ‘home’!

It is seven months since God and Kigezi Baptist Church introduced us to this family. It is six months since St. Mary’s Church Stebbing agreed to come alongside us and help support a project to re-house them; improve their diet; address their many and manifold health issues; and rescue the children from an abject and grinding poverty that was slowly killing them.

And God, as always, delivered far more than we could have hoped or expected. The family have a brilliant new home; we have addressed and got treatment for all their health needs; the children are all in school and doing well; the elder daughter Olivia is currently in Kampala on an educational trip from her Tailoring College; all three children are recovering or recovered from malnutrition; the parents are farming to become self-sustaining; Charles is cured of his Mossy Foot and now mobile (and sober); their new home is a focal point for a Christian Fellowship that has developed; Kathleen’s horribly swollen knee is now normal; and Akampurira……..can walk.

He didn’t walk back into his parents’ house. He flipping strutted. And then fell over. Pride comes before……!!

And his father Charles looked at him and shook his head in wonder. ‘I have never seen Akampurira walk before. Not ever,’ he said in amazement.

Then he saw the super confident and mobile Kathleen and the no longer malnourished, Liberty. And Constance, their Mother, saw them too.

‘Webare Yesu’, she said. ‘Thank you, Jesus.’

Yes. Thank you Lord Jesus. You are amazing. We are so privileged to be a part of this and to know you as our Saviour, King and Friend. Wow.