It is nearly 12 months since we finished building the ‘Hospital in the Hills’. Twelve months of looking at a completed construction, twelve months of frustration at the pace of Government here, and 12 months of wondering when the £45,000 of my own money would actually start to benefit the people that God loves so much: the rural poor here in Kigazi.

And 12 months of watching the J10:10 Medical Centre that we opened over three years ago exceed our villagers’ expectations – but dramatically underwhelm mine.

We are now very close to resolving all the issues, opening the Hospital in the Hills and addressing the multitude of areas where I feel that we are failing. The contracts are agreed and awaiting signature, all the signatories are in town, and as of 15th August J10:10 will officially open the Hospital and assume management responsibility for the Health Centre and its staff.

We have appointed a very experienced and talented Hospital Manager who is going to re-engage the community, plan the launch, design an Outreach and Community Education programme, organise the staff, train all our workers and manage data collection that will allow us to better serve the people of Kigazi. He starts next Tuesday and I’ll introduce you properly then.

It is the final part of the vision that God gave us for Kigazi four years ago. Four years of hard graft, frustration, expenditure and obstacles. Four years of trusting God to come through. Four years of His provision, encouragement, direction and faithfulness.

Please pray that there will be no last minute hitches and that we will implement God’s vision for this place: and not our own. Thank you!