One of the many things that I love about our God – is the way that He does more through us than we could ever imagine possible. I’m also fascinated by the way that while we think we are working on one thing, He is working through us on several others simultaneously.

Kahama is a case in point:

  • When I thought we were building a house for a desperate family – God was also building a place where a community would meet and pray each week
  • When I thought we were washing Charles’s feet to help heal him of Mossy Foot – God was rebuilding this man’s self-esteem, confidence and hope
  • When I thought we were engaging with the children to help them with food and shelter – God knew that we would end up looking after 4 of them and being responsible for their education
  • When I thought that the generosity of St Mary’s Church in Stebbing, UK would provide a home and food deliveries – God was planning to use their generosity so that this family would have a small farming business and they can eventually sustain themselves
  • When I hoped that Akampuruira would one day stand and walk following operations/treatment – God knew that this would happen within three months. And without any medical treatment.
  • When I hoped that God’s unconditional love (shown slightly distorted in us) would bring the family to a real faith – God knew that He would bring many others to a real, healing and living relationship through this work

I was back in Kahama washing Charles’s feet yesterday. They are almost completely healed. But more wonderfully – so is he. There is a look in his eyes that wasn’t there before. When I first met him. looking into his eyes was like looking into an empty pit. Now I see hope, fight, joy and belief.

And our weekly Wednesday visit to Kahama is bearing yet more fruit. Simpson, the pastor of Kigezi Baptist Church, has begun holding prayer and worship meetings at the house – and a number of neighbours are attending every week. In yet another quirk, and sign of God’s over-arching plan, this prayer meeting is now being attended by the Grandmother of Stidia, Denis and Cleophas from the J10:10 House. Aged 80, she walks 8km to attend. We gave her a lift back!

If you look at the photo of the adults outside the house then you will see Ronald and his wife, standing at the right of the picture (to Grandmother’s left). Ronald has been alcoholic for about ten years. He started coming to the Wednesday prayer meetings at the prayer house that God planned and we built…..and two weeks ago he gave his life to Jesus and stopped drinking. Completely. 10 years drunk and now sober. He and his wife are ecstatic. Me too. God even more so.

How great is our God?