I am sitting in a luxury apartment in Marbella…………longing for the dust, dirt, poverty and need of Uganda. When God changes you He doesn’t do half a job!

I’m here doing some paid consultancy – a reminder of my old life and a few extra pounds sterling for J1010’s work in Uganda. And a few extra pounds in weight on my non-slender frame. Prosciutto, brie, smoked salmon and foie-gras for breakfast and dinner.

And I can’t wait to be back in Uganda to eat potatoes and beans. Paris, Bruges, Brussels and Marbella have bee a lovely break but I know where God wants me to be for most of the rest of my life. I miss my beautiful wife (who only did the first three locations), I miss Michelle who is a constant joy to me, I miss washing Charles’s grotesque feet, the children in the J10:10 House, our amazing team, and the Passion4Africa orchards that are beginning to provide an income that will fund J10:10’s work in time.

I want to get back and see the amazing work that God is doing through us, hold my wife and make Michelle laugh, witness the change that God is making in the children He has given us to care for, work with the amazing Ugandan team that God has blessed us with, see the new hope that He has brought to the families that we employ in our orchards, finalise the management contract for our health facilities, and agree the planning permission for Christ Central School. Amongst other things!

I have, with help from my Swiss friend Philip, finally got the Passion4Africa website and Facebook page up and running. Not perfect (yet) but a way for us to show the world what a business should look like – formed to create employment and generate wealth that we use to bring health, education, dignity and hope to the rural poor of Uganda. Not to buy apartments in Marbella, environment destroying cars, or fund the already sickeningly comfortable lives of shareholders.

Please have a look – www.passion4africa.com and www.facebook.com/passion4africa . And tell others – because there IS a way that we can help Africa and grow God’s Kingdom here on earth. It’s trade and not pointless aid. It’s business that is ethical at every level. And it’s giving away what God has given us that was never ours to hold on to. And it’s the most exciting thing that I have ever done. God is so flipping good.