It’s Wednesday – which means that it is my day of the week for washing Charles’ feet in Kahama.

And they are massively improved. Charles may still be a little tiny bit away from being a foot model for Scholl but he is no longer in serious pain and we (I!) think we know what the problem is. Charles is suffering from something called Mossy Foot. Dr Pedley has been consulted, the case was referred to Google Images, and a diagnosis has been made. So, as well as washing the ‘mossy feet’…..I was also blessed with the honour of rubbing anti-fungal cream into them.

And, all joking aside, it is a blessing. Because assuming my diagnosis is right then if we keep washing the feet, digging out the fleas, and applying the cream…………then the elephantiasis will subside and the feet will return to normal. How good is that??!! Charles will have full mobility, he will no longer be a smelly outcast in his village, and he will have the opportunity to rebuild his life. All because of Jesus and the effect that He has had on the lives of we who serve him.

And it was a good day for Kathleen, Liberty and Akampurira. Whilst they have enjoyed being with Mum and Dad in their new house………they, their parents and we know that this is not the best place for them. And so, as a new term starts on Monday, and given that they need extensive cleaning, some individual TLC and some clothes shopping doing…….today was the day that we moved them back to the J10:10 House where they will receive the educational, pastoral, medical, spiritual and nutritional care that they need and deserve through term time.

They were delighted to be returning, their Mum and Dad are delighted to see them getting chances that were not available to themselves as children, and the J10:10 staff are ecstatic to have them back.

A prayer request: we need to get Akampurira walking again – please pray for him and that we will make the right decisions about how to do this.

And that God will continue to be in control of these precious lives.