Wednesdays are now the day that we visit Kahama – and the family that through us, in conjunction with St Mary’s Church Stebbing and Kigezi Baptist Church, God is trying to lift out of poverty, unemployment, malnourishment, ill-health and despair.

There was an old saying about ‘lying back and thinking of England’ during difficult or unpleasant times. Today, J1010’s Mercy and I have been cleaning possibly the dirtiest, smelliest feet in Africa. As I did so I leaned forward and thought of Jesus! And of the man whose feet I was cleaning – Charles, the ‘head’ of the family in Kahama that we are working to try and help. This man has been in pain and discomfort for years – and today we saw why. Without being too graphic – his toes were literally glued together with dirt and pus, he had jigger fleas the size of one pence pieces all over his feet, his toenails had rotted away – and there is now way that he could walk properly. J1010’s Mercy was amazing (as usual) and did the left foot, I watched her for tips and did the right. Whilst it was pleasingly biblical (!) it was hard work and we have a number of additional sessions to do – far too much grime for a single appointment! Not deterred by our session with Charles, the excellent Mercy moved straight on to bathing all of the children too.

The dramatic descent into the pitiful state that sees him referred to as ‘Feet’ and not ‘Charles’ – by everybody including his children – began after a motorcycle accident six years ago. There is no safety net in Uganda – no social workers, psychologists, health visitors or social services. And so Charles, and by default his family, had sunk lower and lower into despair, degradation and dirtiness. To a place where the only person that cared was God.

And so Jesus reached out to Charles by His Spirit – who worked in us to make us care.

Last week it was hospital, tests and medication for the family. This week the start of a month long chiropody project. And next week we will start helping the family back to work and back to school.

And we are honoured to be part of this family’s recovery. Even on the less pleasant days!