I am happy. Not ecstatically and temporarily happy. Not victoriously, aggressively, arrogantly happy – just happy. I have finally got to a place where I am not worrying about tomorrow………….

Because I have finally got to a place where I trust God with my life and our ministry. I don’t know how this happened, I don’t understand how it happened, but I do know that it has happened. And I am grateful beyond words.

God has done, is doing, and will do great, amazing and life-affirming things through us. Through me. That is in itself amazing because I am not the strongest or most reliable of tools.

BUT….in this coming week alone……we will carry out painting and decoration of the new classroom block at Kigazi Community Nursery where 190 children are learning; we will make some changes to precious Michelle’s care and development that will help her become even more amazing; we will plan the next term at the J10:10 House where 53 children are growing in knowledge, maturity and faith; we will celebrate harvesting 1.5 tonnes of passion fruit in our orchards this month; we will provide employment for nearly 40 staff; we will remove the last painful fleas and eggs from the last pair of feet at the house we have built in Kahama; and we will become a little more like Jesus – by His grace and the work of the Holy Spirit in us.

And we will do all of it in God’s strength – because apart from Him……. we would do nothing.

Thank you Lord. I don’t deserve you. And THAT is what is so amazing about grace.