It hasn’t been the most restful or spiritual run-up to Easter. But it has been a pretty joyful day.

It started with a dash to the Passion4Africa orchards to collect a harvest, then to the Central Market to sell the 100kgs of passion fruit, and then we meet up with one of our parents, Godfrey, from Kigazi village. Today was the last school day before Easter and all 53 children from the J10:10 House are returning home for a month after the first term of the academic year. Patrick and I had arranged a meeting up at the J1010 Nursery in Kigazi, Godfrey had heard we would be going up there, and so we had agreed to take some bags of posho (maize flour) up to the top of the mountain in the pick-up.

As you can see from the photo…… was slightly more than a couple of bags. 60 to be precise. Or 1080 kilogrammes. All of which I personally carried to the vehicle. Then we go to Kigazi via the equivalent of the NHS Stores to collect some supplies for our Medical centre……and then to Kigazi.

Where the joy kicks in. Firstly the co-operative that has purchased over one metric tonne of maize flour is ecstatic to have it in time for the Easter celebrations. Secondly, we deliver a new machine to grateful staff at the Medical Centre that will allow them to accurately weigh and measure the new-borns. Thirdly the second solar panel has been fitted to the Hospital in the Hills which should finally open in June/July.

And fourthly….we arrive at the J10:10 Nursery as they finish for Easter. One hundred and ninety small excited people are made even more frantic by the arrival of the mzungu (white man) and the distribution of their school reports. It is totally lovely chaos. I do nothing to calm them down. Indeed I do everything possible to make them worse.

Once they all have their reports and work files to take home we sit down for an end of term meeting. At the beginning of this term at the J10:10 Nursery we appointed a headmaster and two additional teachers, halved the class sizes and opened two new classrooms. As with everything that God does through us I’m not entirely sure when or how why I made these decisions but they were absolutely right and they are paying dividends already. The children are more engaged, the exam results are improved, the staff are happier and there is a sense of engagement with the parents that we had never achieved before. Thanks to a friend of J10:10 the nursery buildings will be painted this holiday to make the childrens days there even more delight-filled.

As we ate lunch together I told the staff a little about my journey to rural Uganda and to the God who loved me enough to die in my place. I told them how I had turned my back on God completely at 12 years old. And I explained that it was the work of my teachers and Sunday School teachers at a very young age that gave me the information I needed to come back into relationship with Jesus at 35 years old. That the work that they do has eternal consequences. And that they can be responsible for these children experiencing life in all its fullness with Jesus at the centre.

I love days like today – too often I am so busy working and worrying about the future that I forget what God is doing NOW. In 190 young lives in Kigazi Community Nursery. In 53 young lives in the J10:10 House. In the lives of precious children like Michelle. And in the lives of our 40 staff.

And in my life as I experience the love, care, support, direction, discipline and blessing of a real God that is massively involved in real lives. Thank you Lord Jesus. For dying in MY place and for giving me new life that has meaning. You’re amazing.