Nothing worth doing in life is easy. In fact it’s nearly always difficult, frustrating, maddening and exhausting.

The family that we have re-housed in Kahama is no different. Because they need help, monitoring, encouragement and direction I have now committed to going to see them, alongside our friends from Kigezi Baptist church, every Wednesday afternoon. It is intended that we will deliver them food, keep an eye on the children, help them with farming and to create an income, coach them in parenting, facilitate education, and pray with them.

Today we were also returning Kathleen home – she has been staying at the J1010 House to get more care for the painfully swollen knee that has plagued her for some months. The excellent Mercy has been dosing her with medicine and carrying out basic physiotherapy as instructed by the doctor. The knee is much better and Mercy trained Kathleen’s Mum and Dad as her replacement carers!

Mercy also removed a whole new set of jigger fleas from Akampurira and bathed him and Liberty – they needed it. We coached (I shouted) Constance and she agreed to bathe them daily not weekly from hereon in. Next Wednesday we are having a family outing (!) to the local hospital to get them all checked out and cleaned up – including the parents. And we will be setting them up with seeds, assisting them with labour and helping them to plant crops of beans and sweet potatoes so that they can feed themselves and create a small household income. Teaching a man to fish and all that.

It’s going to be a long slog. This family is dysfunctional and my supply of patience (painfully short at the best of times) is going to be sorely tested. But we’ll keep going because the children AND the adults are precious to God.

And after the small bollocking, whilst the children were being washed, Simpson and I prayed with Charles and Constance, we read the bible together, and we told them how precious they were to God. And in the way that only happens in Africa we were joined by some passers-by and neighbours and ended up singing, clapping and dancing to worship songs. And then I had the privilege of praying for the needs of every one  there individually.

And somehow we ended up agreeing that we would all meet again next week to praise God and ask for his help again. After the family trip to the hospital. Amazing God. Crazy love. Crazy life.