I settled down to write about the progress on the construction site that is the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ – but found something I wasn’t expecting at the bottom of the Yahoo! page.

I am typing this in UK – where I arrived yesterday afternoon after three all too short weeks in Uganda with my beloved wife Hildah. It was a mad time of continuing to try to get Hildah’s UK visa approved, fitting the J1010 House with internet and computers before the Christmas Party for the J1010 kids, and continuing to build the ‘Hospital in the Hills’. I knew that I would only be there for three weeks so the concentration was on making sure that the building programme is funded, the schedule is fixed and that J1010’s brilliant Ugandan staff know exactly what should be happening and when. Mission accomplished by the grace, and in the power, of God. I also got some great footage of the work that we have completed and the people we have helped over the past 12 months. Hopefully you’ll get to see it in the next week or so. Oh, and I started the negotiations about who will run the Hospital in the Hills when it is finished. That went well too. God is good.

And so I’m back in the UK for three weeks to earn and collect more money and then off to Uganda for Easter and more of the same.

My body doesn’t know where it is. My heart and soul want to be in Uganda with my wife and at the centre of the work that J1010 does – not least because I know that is where God wants me. And I believe that this year Hildah and I will get her visa………and that God will create a way where I don’t have to do all this travelling and I can be based in Uganda for at least 10 months of each year.

Surely there can’t be another Christian on the planet who does all this travelling for God’s work? Who funds nearly all of it himself? Who spends so much time apart from their spouse?

Of course there bloody can! God is more than capable of doing this work without me and I am not unique in this way……….as Yahoo! told me here – http://uk.news.yahoo.com/a-real-cross-to-bear–globetrotting-christian-carries-12ft-crucifix-around-the-world-for-26-years-161731509.html#iIUXWlk – it’s worth a read. A very different but fascinating and encouraging ministry.

The story motivated me and encouraged me – and reminded me again of the fact that J1010’s work is a lifelong enterprise. And a lifelong enterprise with eternal consequences. For the record, here are some pictures of the last progress that we made before I returned to the UK. The ceiling at the Hospital in the Hills that will serve so many people in the coming years is complete, the 20,000 litre water tank is taking shape and the ten feet deep septic tank is nearly dug. And we are another few days closer to Jesus healing and ministering in this place as well as the Medical centre where He has been touching lives over the past twenty-one months. Onwards and upwards. In Christ.

The Hospital in the Hills has ceilings!

The Hospital in the Hills has ceilings!

IMG_2709 (Mobile)

20,000 more litres of clean water taking shape

IMG_2719 (Custom)

And somewhere for the less fragrant issue from the Hospital to go…….