I have been back in Africa for exactly four weeks. It feels like 5 minutes. And in those four weeks I have seen our wonderful God………

……….caring for the  three neglected children we help in Kitumba. Stidia, Dennis and Cleophas are now clean, parasite-free, well-housed and in the top ten students at their new school

……….nurturing young, marginalised children’s minds and bodies at the J10:10 nursery school in Kigazi: 160 of them

……….healing Josephine through the operation that we facilitated in Nairobi. She is now standing unaided! (see below!)

……….facilitating the teaching of computer skills to the disabled at the J10:10 computing suite in Kabale –

……….healing the sick through the J10:10 medical centre in Kigazi – and delivering babies safely and successfully

……….filling the water tanks that we have built with 88,000 litres of safe drinking water

……….in-dwelling the J10:10 house in Kabale and creating an atmosphere of love, joy and safety for our 17 high-achieving village kids

……….providing UK/Western sponsors for ALL 17 of the children in the house – to their delight and excitement

……….providing life-saving surgery for Moreen, the little girl born without an anus (3rd August)

……….providing sponsors for Sandra and Timothy (babies abandoned at birth) and Gerard and Obed so they can have an education that will allow them to escape generational poverty

I’m VERY human and I often worry about whether we’re doing what God wants us to do. But when I read the list of the things that He is doing above – and see the people that He is causing us to work with…..I realise that if we’re serving the sick; providing water for the thirsty; teaching the young; promoting gender equality in a society where woman are not valued as they should be; helping those who are disabled with computer training and giving them self-esteem; and caring for those who are marginalised in a country that is already ignored by much of the planet……then we’re doing okay. Because we’re doing pretty much what our Lord Jesus did when He walked on earth. Not as well as he did obviously! But, in his strength, we’re doing okay. Thank you Lord.


Josephine stands again – God does heal today!