And another project completes successfully – praise our Lord who provides and directs us when we choose to listen.

We finished the medical centre accommodation today. We now have four, brand new, state of the art (for Uganda!) two bedroom houses to offer the staff at our medical centre – probably Nurse Jane, Nurse George, Lab Technician Ephraim and the Security Guard. They have been built by a combined workforce of the TTA Camp volunteers, our local workforce, me, Arkaline, Hildah, Jackson, 10 of Arkaline’s friends and two of our favourite street-kids. And today we finished the painting and can start to move our staff in. They are of a standard dramatically higher than normal Ugandan houses. You’ll have to trust me on that. It was particularly wonderful to have 10 unpaid (but fed!) Christians from the local town on hand today to show God’s love and not just tell it – by giving up their Saturday to paint and decorate.

Added to finally getting internet access into the Computer Suite we have built to serve and educate the poor of Kabale, moving our three Kitumba kids into their new home and delivering the tokens of love form Bentfield School to the children of the J10:10 nursery in Kigazi…….it’s been a great week. Thank you Lord. Thank you out there for all your support and prayer. Pictures below.