‘Faith means just that: blessed unrest, deep and strong, which so urges the believer onward that he cannot settle at ease in the world, and anyone who was quite at ease would cease to be a believer.’ Soren Kierkegaard (1813-55)

The rebellious, revolutionary, controversial and dangerous Jesus………is the one that attracted me to faith and completely unsettled my life. This revolutionary who has been so hidden by the church. Why?

‘He’s not safe but he’s good.’ This is how CS Lewis refers to Aslan, the lion who represents Jesus, in The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. And if, as Jesus’ followers our lives are safe and comfortable…..are we REALLY following him?

Four months I have been here. Safe, comfortable, easy Britain is boring me senseless. In 80 hours time I will be airborne on the way back to Africa. Thank God for that. I really can’t wait – in fact I’ve packed today! I want to be back where I can get dirty, make a real and tangible difference in peoples’ lives and show the love of the danger-man Jesus in practical ways. God has, as ever, blessed my time in the UK and, in his generosity, I have made enough money to pay for Josephine’s operation and start construction of the ‘Hospital in the Hills’.

I can’t wait to be tired, dirty and broke again……and looking at a completed hospital where people will be healed because of Jesus…..and what he has done in and through my life. And then we’ll start the next project……because Kierkegaard was right. As long as there is breath in our mortal bodies we are compelled to do more. And more. And more. And more. Because, as the Revolutionary Jesus’s followers, we can’t rest while poverty exists and the poor suffer.

Can we?


Floor Plans for the 'Hospital in the Hills'. Jesus's hospital.