…………….for prayer. I have no time, little energy and massive amounts to do before I go back to Africa. I don’t have a lot of time to blog but I wanted to share this one from Pete Greig (I think!)

‘Work as if it all depends on you. Pray as if it all depends on God.’

I went to church in Essex last weekend – St. Mary’s Stebbing. This is a church that is growing, prospering and still as good at welcoming people as when it was far smaller. And I made a point of thanking all the people there that have supported J10:10 – particularly in prayer. The fact that I know that, as I’m returning to Afrca and day after day of unpredictability and chaos, J10:10’s work is held up to God in prayer by others is massively important and encouraging.

Don’t stop! God is going to do great things in Uganda again over the coming weeks – and I’ll record it so you can see those prayers answered. Thank you!!