New home, new school, new clothes - God is good!

I should be used to it by now. One week until I return to Africa for at least three months – and not enough time to do all I need to in order to best secure funds and make plans for J10:10’s future. On days like today I could cheerfully throw my toys out of my outsized pram and head back to a life of luxury, selfishness and self-obsession. Because life would be SO much easier.

IF the option were mine then I would stay in the UK for ANOTHER month. By which time I should have been able to have been paid on most of the deals and I could leave these shores with the £40,000 I need to make everything go smoothly: the operations so badly needed and the construction of the ‘Hospital in the Hills’. But God just doesn’t work like that. For some perverse reason I have to leave with everything pretty much done and trust that nothing goes wrong. Let me rephrase that – I have to trust Him that all the blessings that he has showered down on me come to fruition. And I am getting better at trusting.

Or I could just stay here and spend the £40,000 on myself. It’s not donations – it’s money I’ve earned. But, as Shakespeare wrote, ‘there’s the rub.’ Because whilst I have earned it, I have earned it with the gifts that God gave me, via opportunities that I have come across miraculously and in the strength that he has given me. It’s not actually my money and I’m not going to steal from God. That would be a BAD plan!

And anyway there isn’t another option. God, and the bit of God that lives in me, just cannot see injustice, poverty, sickness and failure continue to become self-fulfilling prophecies. In the last 2 and a bit years I have or will see children like Moreen healed; children like Owen achieving way above where the world would have them achieve via the J10:10 house; 80,000 litres of safe water in a small village; Josephine standing and walking; healthcare for the people of the village of Kigazi………and ‘life in all its fullness’ made available to people who didn’t expect ever to see it.

I heard Bob Geldof on the radio this morning. Nearly 30 years since Live Aid and he’s still going. Because tonight 200 million children in Africa will go to bed hungry. Not in the J10:10 house. Not on our watch. Despite the tiredness and frustration I will never give up – because Jesus never gives up on me. And because when I see children like Stidia, Denis and Cleophas who God rescued from poverty, disease and a bleak education-less future through us……………….I can’t quit. Thank God. Seven days to go – and then I’ll be witnessing a miracle for Josephine in Nairobi. Life in ALL its fullness!

Josephine - who will be healed by God in a few days time