It’s probably yet another shortfall in my character/personality but I meet very few people who impress me. Over the past 48 hours I have listened to several who have completely blown me away. They include:

Rick Warren, author of the Purpose Driven Life….who gave away 91% of the millions he made from one of the best books ever written – and of all his income.

Darrell Tunningley – who I wrote about on Monday. Smackhead, armed robber and enforcer turned humble disciple of Jesus.

Paul Scanlon – author of ‘I am not my Father’s son’ and the pastor of Abundant Life church in Bradford – a church that does and doesn’t just talk about doing

And Christine Caine – a woman of such amazing power that I was reduced to incoherent gulps and tears whilst talking about her to a complete stranger. Very non Jon Pedley.

The reason that I cried (and am crying whilst I write this – what a nightmare) is because over the last 48 hours and directly as a result of Christine’s hour-long rant…..I have fallen deeply in love with Jesus. All over again. I was unaware of the fact that I had forgotten something of who he is. Then I listened to Christine and was awed all over again by the fact that Jesus almost exclusively uses the totally broken; those whom the world despises and those who have no right in earthly terms to achieve anything. People just like me. Although if I achieve a millionth of what Christine has then I will be more than happy.

Discriminated against for her race (Greek in Australia), belittled because of her gender, lied to about her past (she was adopted) and sexually abused several times a week by different men from age 3 to age 15…..Christine should be an addict, a self-harmer and a probable suicide. Possibly after several years of prostitution. Not in God’s economy. Because of Jesus and J.John (flip I bet he’s proud of what God has done through him in this case!) Christine is happily married, madly in love with her husband Nick and her saviour Jesus, a mother of two kids who will be brought up in an atmosphere of love and safety…..and a woman who campaigns ceaselessly against human trafficking. In common with all the people listed above she has no time for self-pity and all the time in the world for those who are hurting.

Today, in 2012, there are more people in slavery than at any other time in history. Read it again.  Today, in 2012, there are more people in slavery than at any other time in history. Conned into leaving their homes, imprisoned, beaten into slavery and often slavery in the sex trade and, as Christine said yesterday, raped up to 40 times a day. In 2012. This is a disgrace and a smear on humanity and it MUST be stopped. If it doesn’t make you both murderously angry and heartbreakingly sad then I don’t get you. God needs to raise up another William Wilberforce to end the slave trade of the 2000’s and I believe that he has done so in Nick and Christine Caine.  Their campaigns and their practical help and love for women and children given safety in their centres across the world are making a difference to individuals who had lost all hope. It is the unequivocal responsibility of every Christian to support them in prayer, promote them in our churches and fund them with our time and with our cash. Period.

And it is J10:10’s responsibility to do what we can to help them and the people that they love and want to see rescued in Uganda. Sex trafficking happens in beautiful Uganda. Girls go to Dubai for jobs and are not heard from again. There are prostitutes in every town and city…..and we need to pray and act. I don’t yet know how but God will show us. Because if I’m angry and heartbroken about this then how do you think he feels?

Christine Caine had a choice – victim or heroine? She chose Jesus – and he chose heroine. How wonderful is that?

Thank you Mr and Mrs Caine – for highlighting this shocking wrong and for reminding me how amazing Jesus of Nazareth is. God bless you.