I am in London at the HTB Leaders Conference. I’m unsure why I was invited – a leader? Me? Mmmmm!

A worship song that particularly touches my soul is ‘Befriended’…….lyrics as below….

Befriended, befriended by the King above all Kings. Surrendered, surrendered to a friend above all friends. Invited, invited deep into this mystery. Delighted, delighted by the wonders I have seen. This will be my story, This will be my song, You’ll always be my savior. Jesus You will always have my heart. Astounded, astounded that Your gospel beckoned me. Surrounded, surrounded but I’ve never been so free, Determined, determined now to live this life for You, You’re so worthy my greatest gift would be the least You’re due. This will be my story This will be my song You’ll always be my Savior. Jesus You will always have my heart.

One line from this song sprang into my head twice yesterday at the conference –  ‘Delighted, delighted by the wonders I have seen.’

Over the past 8 years of following Jesus I have seen so many lives (including my own) transformed by this gentle, patient, loving God. Yesterday, the man who runs Alpha in India told how he prays for his country every day – from 1am to 6am. In five years the Alpha Course in India has grown from 100 to 20,000 churches. They have trained 85,000 leaders, a million people have done the course – and 511,000 people have been baptised in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And I think I’ve done my bit?! Make that ‘thought’ I’d done my bit!

But, as ever, it was a story of a life transformed that touched me most – that DELIGHTED me. Darrell Tunningley was a really lost case. Heroin addict, armed robber and enforcer. And, though he didn’t know it – precious child of God. Darrell is now a minister in a church, married to a magistrate’s daughter and a mighty man of God. The prayer that he prayed in his prison cell had as many (or even more!) swear words in it as some of mine still do. In fact as I listened to Darrell speak in the Albert Hall (a fair way from HMP Hull), my prayer contained swear words for emphasis – ‘Lord I love you so much. You are amazing. Thank you for this man’. Darrell is still real but totally sold out for Christ – he proves that no-one is unreachable by the greatest love of all. Thank you Lord Jesus. Watch a little of Darrell’s story here, and buy the book – ‘Unreachable.’

And be delighted by the wonders that we see in lives changed forever by Jesus. Another day of marvelling at his grace and power ahead. I’m SO lucky.