Oh no I won’t. Or at least hardly ever. I know it’s a commandment, I know it’s important to God (he puts it next to instructions about murder, idolatry and justice in the bible) and I know that I should. So why don’t I? Why do I content myself with feeling smug and virtuous by not doing any commercial work on a Sunday and kid myself that God meant that in his commandments?

Quite by accident……yesterday I rested. A company that I’ve been doing some work for have been offering me the use of a convertible Ferrari for a day. To be honest…..not my thing. Fat, middle-aged blokes in Ferraris are one of the gazillion things that irritate me. But a friend/client of mine loves cars so I borrowed the Ferrari and we went for a VERY long (300+ miles through Wales) drive. I didn’t take the wheel for the aforementioned reason. So I was able to just relax, marvel at God’s creation (although why did he give beautiful Wales to the Welsh??!!), chat and enjoy the best roadside burger on the face of the planet (Rhug Estate). Either by God’s design, as a Freudian slip (we did travel at 130mph at one point – aeroplane speed?!) or by accident I somehow turned my phone onto Flight Mode which meant I didn’t even get a phone-call or email for 6 hours. And I woke this morning relaxed, refreshed, closer to my wonderful saviour…..and chuckling at the memory of having to buy a woolly hat at a garage for my friend who is bald and was getting sunburnt in the convertible!

God has a good deal more power and energy than I do. When he created the world he rested. I sure as heck need to as well. WE ALL DO! And Sundays, which generally involve dashing around between church services whilst planning the week ahead are NOT enough. I recognise (again) that I need to take a day out each week just to be me, to think quietly on God and to have him recharge my batteries. And so I am going to plan a day into my diary each week when I do just that. And take some time to appreciate him and how much more he can do through me if I rest.

Tonight…..I’m off towards London and two days of teaching, worship, praise, refilling with God’s Spirit and encouragement at the Alpha Course Leaders Conference in the Albert Hall. It’s the perfect preparation for the last 18 days in Europe before I go back to Uganda for at least three months to be a channel through which Josephine and Moreen can be healed and the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ constructed in order to heal the sick and glorify our wonderful, healing, caring, ever-loving God. Thank you for refreshing and healing me Lord.