I think that today is a sad day for sport – Dwain Chambers and Peter Millar, two self-confessed drug cheats, have been cleared to represent their country in the Olympics. Certainly in Chambers case the cheating was long-term, premeditated and cynical…..and even when caught he denied it until he could deny it no more. If you choose to cheat cynically then being allowed to compete in the sporting event that best represents the principles of fair play is a nonsense isn’t it? In my opinion ALL drug cheats should be banned from their sports for ever.

I can almost hear the gleeful squeals of my non-believing friends now, ‘Hang on! I thought you Christians were supposed to believe in forgiveness.’

I do. I feel more need for forgiveness than most. I thank God daily for the grace that allows me to start again. And I am thrilled and awed by the fact that God removes our sins, forgets them so completely, that they are ‘as far as the east is from the west.’

But he doesn’t often remove the consequences of the sin from us. Yes I am forgiven for the shameful way that I left my children…..but even though I have worked very hard at it – it will never be the same. They will never fully trust me. And I will never get the years of separation back.

God’s grace is amazing. It called a wretch like me. And God’s forgiveness is total – but he’s also a just God and a loving parent. And if he removed the consequences of our sin from us then we wouldn’t learn and it wouldn’t be entirely fair, would it?

Which is why whilst Millar and Chambers are forgiven they shouldn’t be running/cycling at the Olympics. Not now. Not ever.