…………………and I wish it was 5 more hours. Until I return to Uganda. This will have been the longest time by far (4 months) that I have been away from Uganda in the last few years. I miss my fiancee, I miss J10:10’s excellent staff, I miss the day-to-day grind of working for and with the people of Kigazi and I miss the closeness of God that I feel so much more when I’m there. But more than anything I miss the second-by-second certainty that I’m doing God’s will. In Uganda, as J10:10 builds hospitals and medical centres to heal the sick, nurseries to educate the poor, water tanks to serve the thirsty and houses to house the homeless…….I KNOW that I’m a channel through which God is working. Here? I’m not as certain.

But someone has to pay for it all. And it appears that God wants to provide the funds for the next year of J10:10 projects through the work that I do here in the UK. It has already been a blessed time financially and over the next 5 weeks I’m confident that God will continue to provide, as he always does, for our work. That the final stage of the transformation project in the village of Kigazi, the ‘Hospital in the Hills’ will be completed in the next 12 months. ‘Not by power or by might but by your Spirit’, wonderful Lord.

Fortunately I MUST be back in Africa on 1st June – I need to be in Kenya to pay for and oversee Josephine’s operation on June 3rd that will allow her to walk again. Another amazing and awesome example of God’s provision. Then a coach journey from Nairobi to Kampala to try and finally arrange an operation for Moreen (it was cancelled on Wednesday), the two and a half year old who needs reconstructive surgery. And then, finally, back to Kabale to start the Hospital construction and to plan my wedding on July 7th. Carrying laptop computers that will give children in the J10:10 house a brand new level of education.

No-one said that it would be easy. But the lame will walk. The sick will be healed. The children will be treasured. And God will be glorified in all of this. Alleluia.


Josephine will be healed by Jesus in 5 weeks time