I went to my Mum and Dad’s grave on Saturday. Haven’t been for more than a year (possibly tw0!) and happened to be travelling fairly close by so I thought that I’d make a detour, clear up any mess and just try and honour them by remembering them and saying a prayer or two. Glad I did in some ways.

You see…..I don’t think they’re REALLY there. I’m not alleging grave robbers and I know that there’ll be some old bones in the earth…….but them….the people that they were……they’re not there. I felt that very very strongly on Saturday.

My relationship with my parents wasn’t often good. I was a difficult child, a repulsive teenager and then a wayward adult for much of my life. In fact my Dad died before I finally came to faith and he never saw the person that God is helping me to be now. Mum did – and I’m glad about that – but her death pre-dated J10:10 and the work that I now do here and in Uganda by a couple of years.

They died as Christians: my Dad holding on to a very quiet, lifelong faith and my Mum born again in Christ eight months before her death – after a lifetime of believing that she wasn’t good enough for anyone…..let alone God. In many ways the last 8 months of her life were by far the happiest……and I came to like her as a person as well as love her as a Mum in that time. Knowing she was loved by her creator made her beautiful.

It feels like interlude. I can’t wait to tell them what Jesus has done in and through my life – and I look forward to being the son that I should have been when we are together in heaven after my very poor probationary period on earth. I saw the effect that knowing Jesus in Spirit had on my Mum’s short life after conversion so I know that they are happy together with Jesus in person now.

One of the things that I will be able to tell them about is Moreen – she has been operated on by Western doctors today in Kasese – please pray that this lovely little girl makes a full recovery and lives a normal life. Thank you.

Do not stand at my grave and weep......I am not there I do not sleep.....