Owen - loved by God, sponsored by Stan, cared for through J10:10 and top of the class

Owen is blessed. He was born to a very poor family, has a fairly chaotic family background (alcoholic parents, sister doing the mothering role, uncle to a younger girl whose Mum has abandoned her). Sound much like a blessing?

Four years ago Owen’s life started to change for the better. He was enrolled into the J10:10 nursery where he learned some basic English, Maths, sanitation and about a God who absolutely adores him. He studied hard and we eventually persuaded his family that he should leave the J10:10 nursery and go to the government-run village primary school. He hated it. The teaching was poor, the teachers lazy, cruel, or both and he learned very little. When we decided to open the J10:10 house in Kabale so that graduates from our nursery could get a high-standard of education at primary level…..Owen was one of the first to enrol. His parents scraped together the very small termly contribution that we ask from them (about £12) and. on 27th January 2012, Owen moved worlds….from the mud hut where he had lived for all of his 11 years to a brick house in town with running water, electricity, a plentiful supply of more nutritious food and four ‘house-parents’ that would care for his physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

He started school at St. Jude’s Primary, got his new uniform and may have heard the Headmistress telling Arkaline that school would ‘be very tough for these village children’. Owen doesn’t have much confidence, is painfully shy and has the usual measure of Village-kid self esteem. None.

Today he has a good deal more. The shyest, quietest kid in the class and group of 17 kids in the J10:10 house in Kabale is…………….the top student in his class – beating Talent (also a J10:10 village kid) into second place in a class of 50.

I saw his sponsor last night here in the UK. Stan is over 50 and has two grown-up kids (the eldest, Casey, came on the first TTA Camp in Uganda)

It will embarass him massively but I have to report that this middle-aged white man was like a child himself as he delighted in Owen’s extraordinary achievement. It was a joy to behold! Stan reminded me that it is Owen’s dream to become a nurse. He is well on course for that. Wouldn’t it be wonderful (and very like God) if Owen ended up serving and caring for the people of Kigazi in the J10:10 Medical Centre?

And Owen’s dream is achievable, he is blessed, because Stan gives £20 of his hard-earned cash every month to someone he has never met. Thank you Stan. I’m glad that you, along with the other 10 sponsors that these children benefit from, have been rewarded in this life by these brilliant results. God is VERY good.