Chicken. matooke, ground nut sauce and potatoes – a veritable feast for 17 successful children. Praise you Lord.

The first term for the village children of Kigazi who now live at the J10:10 house in Kabale and attend a top school in town is over. The children returned to their families on Thursday and the first term of our new project is over. To celebrate their success, commitment and general flipping loveliness we threw a party at the J10:10 house and fed the kids their favourite foods. You have to understand that meat is a twice a year maximum occurrence for Ugandan villagers.

And boy they deserved it. These children had attended the J10:10 nursery in Kigazi and we wanted them to have the best possible primary education: something that just isn’t available in the village. So we rented a property in town and took a massive step of faith by employing 4 full-time staff, committing ourselves to an overhead of nearly £1000 per month and trusting God for the rest. The deciding factor was when Owen’s auntie and Grandmother asked Arkaline whether she could guarantee that Owen (now 11 and four years at our nursery) would REALLY be best served by the village primary school. Arkaline couldn’t lie and I used to joke with her that Owen would be 45 when he left our nursery. Which explains the reference in the email below that I received yesterday:

hey Jon. Program for end term for st Jude changed. I had been told friday but they changed to yesterday wednesday. S o the children started their holidays today. Iam very excited about what the Lord has done for us, our children’s perfomance is just amaizing. I can’tget words Jon. first of all, our 45year old p1 boy , you remember the one who did not want to leave the nursery and was determined to get the best in academics???? Owen came at the very TOP of the class!!!!!!!! Our God is so good!!
we have the first and no last. here is their performance in a class of 50 students.

Owen                                                    1st
Talent                                                     2nd
Judith                                                     4th
Hillary                                                    6th
Susan                                                    9th
Gilbert                                                   8th
Angelina                                               11th
Caroline                                                 13th
Isabella                                               14th
Brian                                                    16th
wens                                                   22nd
lucky                                                    23rd
Susan Tukamuhabwa                       30th
Sonia                                                   31st
Caroline Ninsiima                                 38th
Junior                                                 45th
Abraham                                             46th

the general grades are not bad even for the last positioned. i have photocopied all reports so we can always refer to them in future.
attached are photos of the Easter dinner.

This stuff IS ‘amaizing’. Owen is a lovely little boy who has had nothing……….he is one of the eleven children who are sponsored by some of our UK followers and I hope that his sponsor is proud. I flipping am. There are still six children seeking sponsors. Just do it!

But in summary – 12 out of 17 of these village children came in the top half of their class at a town school. In the first term. Because God has a special place in his heart for those who struggle we’ll be putting extra time into Abraham, Junior and the others who struggled a little: but even their grades were good.

Thank you Lord Jesus, thank you Arkaline, Jackson, Boaz, Gerard, Maria, Hildah and all the J10:10 staff who made this possible. I’m grinning like a loon as I write this. And God and his angels are celebrating in heaven – as the lost and neglected are loved as he wants them to be. Wow.

ALL for me?!


Party - in Kabale AND heaven!


Feeding the deserving kids!