First computers, then Jesus: practical Christianity

Today is a VERY happy day for me and for J10:10. I’m celebrating NOW – and I’m writing this at 5.30am before driving 200 milesw to go boating with some of my siblings. Don’t ask – all you need to know is that however genetically improbable I have one posh brother!

I’d rather be in a fairly shabby church in Kabale than on the Thames with my posh brother and his picnic. Although as well as being posh he’s also a very good cook. Because today at least eight Ugandans who have studied both computers and Jesus at Kigezi Baptist Church will be baptised. Alleluia!

This particular J10:10 project is one that I don’t write about enough. It was an idea that God gave to me, God facilitated and God has blessed abundantly. And I am so proud of what it has achieved in so many different ways. In brief, J10:10 designed, funded and continues to fund both an Alpha Course and a computer training room and course. Every week students (including one group that are severely physically handicapped) come to learn about computers, to be taught by our computer trainer, eat together and learn about Jesus. In just nine months more than 40 students have got basic computer skills and more than 20 have come into a living relationship with God through Jesus.

And today eight of them will publicly demonstrate their belief and their trust in their Saviour as they talk about new lives, new hope and new meaning. I’m hoping for photos soon.

This is a Jesus initiative – giving self-esteem to the poor through new skills, being a church that does something in its community, teaching about love, compassion, sacrifice and MS Word (!), serving those with disabilities that nobody cares about; and winning new servants and friends for God. I am so proud of this ministry.

Alpha small groups al fresco!