It has just struck me how utterly bizarre it is that we give presents at Christmas and not at Easter. I can’t think of a more significant gift than the one that Jesus gave that we remember today – his life.

J1010 only survives because of giving. The money that God graciously provides for us through my work, sponsors monthly giving, and random gifts from generous people. J1010’s work is definitely not a sprint but a marathon! We are now into our eighth year of providing childrens education (350 kids), health to rural Ugandans (10,000 consultations a year), homes for the most vulnerable kids (10 precious children), help for partner organisations, and safe drinking water.

Often I have no idea how we are going to pay the bills…..but God has always provided – and usually through normal people. Well, relatively normal!!

One of our less normal but most faithful supporters is doing something extraordinary in 9 days time – and he wants it to help J1010 amongst other charities. Chris Wilson, a well-seasoned 50+ year old is running the London Marathon. As you can see from the photo he is possibly more Rugby player than long distance runner? But Chris has been training for more than a year and next Sunday will sprint/run/jog/hobble through the streets of London to raise money for us and others.

And Chris has asked that as many readers of this blog as can afford to support him…..and therefore Michelle, and Cleophas, and Akampurira and all the others…….by donating to J1010. You can do this through Paypal by clicking the donate button at the top of this page. PLEASE do!

Michelle, Akampurira and ALL the others would like to say ‘thank you’ to Chris and to you for your love, help and support…..