It is so hard being away from Uganda for so long. I hope that Hildah and I will return in October which is just a few weeks away now…….and I can’t wait. We have no choice but to be in Europe for most of the foreseaeable future because we need to earn the money to keep funding J1010’s work: to keep educating 350 children; keep treating 10,000 patients a year; keep employing 12 full-time staff; and keep doing what we think that Jesus would be doing.

But the aim has aways been to make this work sustainable and survivable. We’re not there yet in terms of financing but I am relieved, proud and grateful to report that things work well whilst we’re away. J1010’s core ministry of health, education and caring for the most vulnerable children in a society that permanently teeters on the edge of disaster does not need us to be there all the time. The work that J1010 does in Uganda is done by Ugandans for Ugandans. As it should be.

And that was proved last week when Akampurira, the little boy so badly neglected that he could not walk when we met him, broke his arm at school. His carer, the God-given and God-driven Patricia took him to hospital and his arm was set. I was blissfully unaware of the drama. As you can see from the photos he is still smiling.




I got these photos of the boy who couldn’t walk and now breaks his arm running around at school…..and the litle girl who was rejected and so close to death when we took her in……and I was reminded again that God is never, ever, absent. And that He is always, always good. Just ask Michelle and Akampurira……