Rewards credit card sallow you to earn points, miles or cash back when you use your card to make purchases.
These rewards cards earn miles, points, cash back, bonus miles, points and miles on merchandise and services, including stores, restaurants, hotels and transportation. Points and miles can be earned on non-travel purchases, including everyday purchases like laundry detergent, diapers, toothpaste, etc.

After you use your rewards credit card, you will be sent a statement credit or statement gift certificate for your purchases.

Additionally, you can earn extra points on travel purchases at hotel rewards points-earning hotel chains (specifically Hilton and Starwood hotels), travel rewards credit cards and points-earning airlines.

Advantages of using rewards credit cards

The following points are available on rewards credit cards:
Bolstering rewards credit cards are flexible, as rewards are given based on a variety of factors.
Citi will not charge taxes on rewards points

If you sign up for a rewards credit card and then sign up for a credit card with the same credit union, you will be charged a $95 annual fee and you will lose any points that you may have accumulated while using your rewards card.
Reward credit cards can also allow you to get a business card that is marked up, even more than a regular personal card. For more info about business credit cards, go to Rewards vs Business Cards.

At present, American Express, Capital One, Discover and USAA are the top rewards credit card brands. Citi has the least amount of card brands, with 2.

Points earned and type of rewards
For detailed information on your redemption and earnings of rewards credit cards, please refer to the section “The Unbounce Price Guide” on my website (you’ll find this information in my “How to use Rewards Credit Cards” article).