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So that was November…..a month in which I dashed back to Uganda for 10 days to collect my wife and bring her to Spain; was reminded again of the difference that God has made through J10:10 in the lives of so many adults and children in Kigazi; was humbled by the brilliance of God’s provision and the generosity of strangers; was reminded of quite how wonderful and special Michelle is; and had the satisfaction of seeing all of the children that we educate (three hundred and fifty-two of them!!!!!) complete another school year.
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Thanks to the generosity of sponsors and strangers we will begin the construction of another two classrooms in Kigazi next week. Which means that in February when the new school year starts we will be educating nearly 400 children. I am so grateful for what God has achieved through our half-baked efforts. I miss Uganda, our work, and particularly Michelle……..but I am grateful for the money that I am now earning regularly that allows us to fund all this, for the break from the day to day grind, and for time with my amazing wife in a very beautiful part of the world.
‘God works together in all things for the good of His people.’ Yep, you do. Thank you Lord. I love you so much.