“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

Eleven and a half years ago I made the best decision of my life – I decided that I believed that Jesus is who He says He is……and I chose a road and started on a journey that has been thrilling, scary, fulfilling and rewarding on a level that I could never have imagined (though not financially!). A little over five years ago that journey took me to Uganda and gave me the unbelievable privilege of being the channel by which God reached a forgotten community with water, healthcare and education.


And over the past three years God has blessed me with my phenomenally wonderful wife, the chance to save Michelle from neglect and certain death, and the honour of serving and rescuing some of the most vulnerable kids in our area of Uganda from lives so desperate that they made me equally furious and heartbroken. And to start a business that is providing employment for 40 families.


I went for a walk on Sunday – time alone with my God in the environment in which I feel closest to Him – forest. For some it’s the sea – for me it has always been the woods. On Saturday Hildah, Patricia and I had entertained the children (and a Grandmother) that are the most vulnerable that we care for – Michelle, Stidia, Denis, Cleophas, Cathleen, Alex, Brian, Liberty and Akampurira. These kids were malnourished, desperate, neglected and in such pain from jiggers (fleas) that they never smiled. But God……..

To feed these kids, love these kids, educate these kids and value these kids has been the most humbling experience of my life. To watch Akampurira, whose feet had turned inwards in an attempt to minimise the pain that he felt from the parasites that feasted on him, running around our garden in the boots that his sponsor bought him and KICKING a flipping football was something I could have done for the rest of time! 18 months ago he couldn’t stand……let alone walk. To see Michelle beaming as she ate her food and was cuddled by her mzungu Dad (me) is equally thrilling. Every one of those kids has made progress that the world and I would not have believed possible.


And as I walked in the woods on Sunday I didn’t want to leave Uganda for Spain from where I write this. And it was tempting to take a gamble – to turn my back on the amazing opportunity to make money in Spain that God has given me. To gamble that the passion fruit farming will make us money in time. And to renege on my promises to the people of Kigazi that we will keep investing in education, health and water tanks. To just live a simple life with my Missus. To delay building her the home that we both want. And to pray that God will recharge my very empty batteries in Uganda.

And having already been reminded of the Robert Frost quote above – and reminded of how brilliant the road less travelled by has been as I walk it with my King, Saviour and Friend – I was reminded of another Frost quote.

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost


I will not gamble with the future of our vulnerable kids. I will not let my wife down on the house build. And I will not renege on my promises to the people of Kigazi – many fulfilled but many more still to be honoured. And so I have travelled to Spain where I will work to generate the funds that we need to do the work ahead of us. And I will take advantage of the time that I am away to pray and seek God’s blessing on our work. On our schools. On our medical facilities. On my marriage and our plans. On our orchards. And on my life. I want to return to Uganda in December with ‘plunder’ from the battle, having shown and told others in Spain about my God and our journey, and having been re-energised and re-filled with the Spirit of God and the joy of Christ.

Please pray that while I am away all goes well in Uganda. They had rain in the orchards today. Thank you Lord! And pray for protection on both sides. And that all our kids and teachers enjoy their holiday from school. (The kids don’t normally!)

Whilst I am away I will be blogging every month and not weekly. Unless something remarkable happens!

I have miles to go before I sleep. Miles to walk on the road less travelled by. But never ever alone. God is good……