Ach this is hard! In 10 days time I will be leaving Uganda for a few months – and I am reminded every day of how much I love the work that we are doing here. Which will continue unabated in my absence but which I will miss desperately.
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We have today reached the end of the second term of the academic year. I was in Kigazi meeting with parents, teachers and children – and I was asked to say a few words. I reminded them (and myself) that five years ago there was NOTHING here on the top of this mountain. And now there is a medical centre treating 1000 people each month; a hospital and maternity unit offering in-patient care for 14 and delivering 6-10 babies safely each month; water tanks holding more than 100,000 litres of safe water; and the nursery and primary school educating 250 children with another 58 at school in town.



As I said to the parents: ‘Can you see what the Lord has done?!’ They could….

And one of the things that happened this year was the vegetable garden – a place where we grow green vegetables that provide much needed nutrition for young minds, bodies and eyes that are otherwise fed a never-ending diet of carbohydrates. Friends at St. Marks Newtown, Wigan helped to fund this as part of their Harvest festival and it has allowed us to give the children lunch this year. Much appreciated by staff, kids and parents. And as term ended we were able to distribute the leftover food to parents to help them feed their kids better in the holidays. I love this work!!


So over the past seven days we have returned the children educated in town to the village – and celebrated some amazing results. These village children are excelling at the Primary School in town – our very own Owen came 1st in Primary P4. Again!



It will be hard being away from this place for the longest time in the last five years. But it will make me appreciate it all the more when I return. When I return refreshed, revived and replenished. And when I stand on the top of this mountain and see again what the Lord has done for these people that He loves so very much.

There is obviously a massive amount to do in the next few days – please pray for energy, patience, confidence, wisdom and blessing on all our staff and children during the 4 weeks of holiday. Thank you so much.