The more observant, loyal, engaged and structured of you (!) may have noticed that I didn’t blog last week. So there were no update emails and no prayer requests. I’m sorry. I had made an intercontinental dash to the UK for four days of paid work. It went well, I kind of enjoyed it because it is within my comfort zone (unlike ANYTHING here in Uganda), I got to see some friends and my two children…….and it provided some hard currency to continue to fund the work here in Uganda…….


After 9000 miles of air travel, 1500 miles of road travel, 4 different beds (and a sofa), and five days of running training courses…..all in a 10 day period, I cannot claim to be at my best! But the end result is that after costs I have covered the running costs of J1010 and Passion4Africa for another month or so. Thank you Lord.


Regular readers will know that the many and manifold mistakes that we (I) made in our orchards means that, for the time being, passion4africa is a monthly cost and not the vehicle that provides funding for J10:10 that it is supposed to be. The signs in our new orchards are very promising and I believe that this time we have a sustainable model that will make all we do in health, education and sanitation viable for the long term. If God wills it, and I think that He does, we will have cracked the problem that confronts all long term community-based projects – seeing all of our capital and running costs met by a business that we own and that creates employment for local people with all the benefits that delivers in terms of self-esteem, improved health, increased household income, a boost to community morale and reduced alcoholism, domestic violence and violence.

But we are not there yet – and until we are, hopefully later this year, 80% of the monthly running costs of the charity and project are met by me personally.

And there is very little money left in my personal hoard. Less a hoard nowadays than a piggy-bank.Which is why I am forced to work in Europe (four trips so far this year).


AND we need £18,000 to build two new classrooms in Kigazi before February next year.

As it stands at the moment then if the orchards don’t produce good harvests before October/November – I don’t know how we will meet the normal running costs – let alone the building. And if they do then we will still struggle with the classrooms project.

I think that God is opening a way. As usual. But it is not one that I expected nor one that I particularly hoped for. I have the opportunity to take a very well-paid role in Europe that will allow me to earn a small fortune, cover the costs until the orchards produce at a level that sustains the business, and create the capital for the building project……and the expansion of the business to really start doing some serious export volumes.

BUT it will necessitate me living in Europe (with my wife) for the next 2-3 years and managing everything from there with 2 or 3 visits home to Africa each year. Not a prospect that thrills my soul! But an opportunity to ensure that all God has done here through us is secured. And whilst it may not be my heart’s desire it is do-able: the staff that we have here, the support systems for my precious Michelle, the management of the nursery and primary school are all in place


So I need to make a decision – and I want it to be the right one in God’s eyes and the right one to continue to build His Kingdom here in Uganda. The right one for Michelle’s future, for the futures of all the children in Kigazi, for all the lives that we are involved in.


Please pray that I will hear his still, small voice and that I will be obedient.