It is all about the children. I think that when we allow God to take up residence in us through His Spirit…..then something of Jesus’ love for children becomes intrinsic to us.It doesn’t matter how much I have been let down, frustrated, annoyed by or driven to despair by the adults…….the children never fail to awaken hope, love and kindness in me. It’s definitely a God-thing!


And I have been reminded this week of how much God has done in the lives of the children in Kigazi.

On Sunday I went to church with our kids from Kigazi that are educated here in Kabale. I have known many of these children for more than five years and the difference in them as they worship, learn, play, interact and develop is massive. They could never have dreamed of the life they lead and the hope that they have if God had not got us so actively involved in Kigazi. It remains a joy to watch them. WP_20150628_003


And on Monday I was in Bigungiro collecting harvests from our orchards – and seeing again how much our small business (God’s small business) has transformed the opportunities for children in this area.

Wednesday has now become my Kigazi day – an opportunity to spend time at the J10:10 Nursery and Primary School, meet with the teachers, assess the performance at the Health Centre, Hospital and Maternity Unit…….and marvel again at all that has been done here in the past five years. Well. 4 3/4 years actually.


And it brings it home to me every time that I am in Kigazi – that unless we educate these children then nothing will ever change. The parents of the kids that we educate are largely the product of generations that have never had a formal education. Their children are not. And the difference is very, very noticeable.

We will never, in the village anyway, deliver a level of education that gets close to European standards. But we will fill these children full of self-esteem. We will help them to read and write so that they can fall in love with literature and the God they can meet in the bible. We will help them to love and respect each other regardless of gender. We will give them all that they need to build their own personal relationship with their Creator. And we will help them to dream dreams that were not dreamed by their parents. And to achieve some of those dreams.

And that will be enough for God. And therefore more than enough for me.


I met with the teachers this week to talk about progress, promotions for children, and next year’s intake into Baby Class at our Nursery. When the new academic year begins in February 2016 we will be educating 290 children in Kigazi. And 60 elsewhere!! Rather inconveniently this means that we will require at least 2 new classrooms and some additional accommodation for staff. Probable cost? Approximately £17,000. For all those that read last week’s blog you will know that I don’t have any of this money!

So PLEASE pray…..

– that God will make a way
– that the teachers and children will continue learning more about the world, academic stuff and God’s purpose for their lives

– that we will be brave and strong and do the work
-that the decisions that I make about the future are God’s plans and not my own
– that the blessing of God will continue to be poured out on Kigazi, me, my wife, and our work