‘Where there seems to be no way……..You make it possible.’


A line from a worship song. And, in 11 years of being a Christian, and 5 years of working in Uganda……the truth. I have lost count of the number of times that I can’t see how on earth this work can continue……and yet it does. Possibly because it’s not a question of ‘How on earth?’ but rather, ‘How in Heaven?’

I have been in Kabale all of this week and I have been reminded of how far we have come and the number of lives that God has touched, improved and/or completely transformed through our ham-fisted efforts! THe nature of the organisation – basically me overseeing everything (!) – means that I tend to focus the majority of my time on one area of our work at any one time. Recently this has been our orchards, Passion4Africa, where we need them to start producing again to provide the funding for everything else that we do and where I have had to cut out a lot of cost while they recover.

And things ARE improving. We made so many mistakes in our first three orchards that I made the decision to replace them in their entirety and the two new orchards, O4 and O5, are loking fantastic. BUT they are still between 2 and 4 months from producing the volumes that we need to fulfil export orders and meet costs. And my personal money which funds 75% of what we do here, is fast running out. As so often before, I need another flipping miracle!


Whether that miracle will come via some work in Europe, a lottery win (doubtful as I don’t buy tickets), or some other divine act I don’t know. I will confess that I don’t always believe that God will get me personally out of the mess that I so often find myself in. But I do believe that He will provide – because this week I have seen what He has done in the lives of all the children in Kigazi who attend our Nursery and Primary Schools, because I see the metamorphosis that He has made in precious Michelle’s life, and because I will be seeing the difference He has made (and all the work that they have done) in the lives of the 58 children that attend school in town as a result of sponsors and us (it’s Visitors Day at St. Jude’s on Saturday).

And I believe that He will bring every good work that He has started to completion. Because He promised. And He always keeps His promises.

So please rejoice in His victories here in Uganda – and ask Him to keep making a way. And I’ll keep you informed as to how He does!