No-one will ever know the full story of J10:10 and Passion4Africa. No-one except God and I anyway. And I will forget most of it most of the time! I would love to have time to write it all down – because what God does every day, every week, every year – is just mind-blowing. I’d (sort of ) love to tell you about all the times when I just want to give up – and He gives me the strength to carry on. I’d (sort of) like to tell you about all the times when I just can’t see a way that we can possibly carry on and make it through financially – and He provides. I’d like to tell you about all the people who have let me down – and how He helps me forgive and forget . Or all the people that have lifted me up (usually spiritually or through kindness, sometimes via financial support) but they’d not be happy if I did.

It is a story that would keep you on the edge of your seat. A total roller-coaster. And a story that has God’s fingerprints all over it. God’s wonderful, kind, perfect, gentle but awesome finger-prints. As opposed to my smudged, stained, clumsy paw prints.

God’s fingerprints in my life this week include an early morning visit to the Uganda Revenue Authority – where I ended up in the staff prayer meeting – not something you’d expect at the Revenue in UK! They include a chance meeting on top of a hotel in Rome with an Englishman called Bob who I was able to talk to about Jesus. They somehow incorporated an invitation to the Queen’s Birthday Party at the High Commission in Kampala – where guests who included the President and First Lady of Uganda were served passion fruit juice from our orchards……and Passion4Africa got a mention in the speech by the High Commissioner.
And they included seeing once again this morning (got back to Kabale last night) the difference that God js making as He puts his loving fingerprints on the lives of Michelle, Brian, Akampurira, Liberty , Sandra and Timothy. I forgot to take photos so this is an older one. Sorry!

And so I muddle on. Or keep on keeping on. Whichever way you look at it.

I live by faith and not by sight. Not out of some great spirituality but because I am, after 5 years here and 11 years trying my best to follow Jesus, brutally aware of my own inadequacy, my own incapability, my own fallibility, and my overwhelming need for my heavenly Daddy to regularly pick me up, brush me down, tell me that He loves me and that He will make it all okay in the end.

This coming week is going to be as difficult as usual – maybe more difficult because I have to address some staff problems that have come to light. Ah well. No one ever said that it would be easy. But someone did promise that He would be with me always – even unto the end of the age. AND that same person promised that His Spirit that lives in me is stronger than the spirit that lives in the world. AND that He would never fail me or forsake me.

Thank you for your promises Lord Jesus. I believe.

And if you could pray that He will help me with my unbelief? That would be bloody marvellous. Thank you too.

And in return I promise to take loads of pictures of the amazing things that God is doing here in time for next week’s blog. Deal?!