The past week has made me feel SO grateful. And made me remember how utterly undeserving I am of all that God has given me.

To cut a very long story short…….my gorgeous wife and I have been in Italy attending my youngest sister Catherine’s wedding.

I had left home some months before Catherine was born. I had turned my back on my family, my parents, my siblings and everything from my childhood – in order to live a life centred entirely on myself. Decades passed in a haze of alcohol, violence and the headlong pursuit of everything that costs much but has little value.

I barely knew my sister and I saw little or nothing of any of my family.

I hate weddings. But the two days I spent at Catherine’s celebration were two of the best days of my life. And it is yet another measure of the scale of the redemption that God has made possible for me.

And so, as Hildah and I head down to Spain to earn some money consulting and create a market for our passion fruit in mainland Europe…..I just want to say…..

– Thank you Lord – for making so many dead things in my life alive again
– Thank you Lord – for answering my prayers for Catherine’s wedding
– Thank you Lord – for being the God of new beginnings
– Thank you Lord – for always providing for us, for our work, and for those you need us to help
– Thank you Lord – that we can leave everything in Uganda in your hands whilst we are away