The thing with Uganda (or any developing nation)? You veer from joy to sorrow, from high to low, from hope to despair……so bloody quickly.

On Saturday lunchtime I had the absolute joy and delight of taking the eleven most vulnerable children that we care for out to lunch – an end of holiday treat before their return to school. It was, and is, magical to see the difference that God has made in their lives through us.

Michelle was on the point of death, Sandra and Timothy had been left to die. Akampurira could not walk, or even stand. And none of these children EVER smiled. Their lives were one long, grinding, unforgiving cycle of hunger, pain, boredom, illness and sporadic brutality.

But God. The two most flipping wonderful words in the English language. Or any language.

But God loved them, hurt with them, wouldn’t give up on them. And in the absence of anybody more competent in the immediate vicinity he sent us. And now these kids are NOT malnourished. They are NOT scared. They know that they are precious to God and to us. And the loving is just as vital as the nutrition. Maybe more so.

So we ate our lunch and celebrated. At about the same time as a coach carrying students (including my wife’s youngest sister) on a field trip crashed and overturned in Bushenyi. It was the third school field trip bus to crash in Uganda this week. And across the three crashes 7 children willl not be going back to school again. Ever again. My sister-in-law has now been discharged from hospital and suffered relatively minor physical injuries. I have seen pictures of the bus that she was travelling in and it is a miracle that, so far, only one child has died. And it is all so unnecessary. Investment in roads, uncorrupt policing, maintenance of vehicles, a sense of personal responsibility – all would make a massive difference.

After the chaos of trying to get information, getting Elizabeth back to Kabale, praying desperately for students, families and friends………I went to collect the 53 children from Kigazi that are educated by us in town. I probably drove more carefully than usual but I still flouted every health and safety standard that you would usually expect in the UK. And ALL of them were so happy to be going back to an education that they and their parents could never have dreamed of until God got involved.
So, the usual chaos and expense of a return to school……and the unusual occurrence of a trip to Italy for Hildah and I to attend my youngest sister’s wedding. It’s a funny old life….

But it is ‘Life in all its Fullness’ – and for that I am eternally grateful.

As we travel, try and find more export clients for Passion4Africa, manage the business from several thousand miles away, worry about Elizabeth’s recovery, pray for the childrens’ successful return to school and listen for what God wants us to do next it would be great if you could also pray that:

– Elizabeth will be physically, mentally and emotionally healed
– That we will travel safely and have opportunities to tell people of how amazing God is
– That my sister Catherine’s wedding will be everything she wants it to be
– That all of our children will know God’s love and care as they return to school
– That God will be very close to those who were injured or suffered bereavement in the various road accidents in Uganda this week